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The enthusiasm that comes from listening with our cables makes us aware and proud of our commitment. We want to share our emotions with our audiophiles and fans as a new level of details is possible.

cableless feedback

You hear the class right away, I connected the power cable, there's a bit of glassiness it's true, but there is a black and a sculpting of primate harmonics, the stage has expanded in a superb way, he plays the whole room and my 86kg speakers are gone! I did not believe this great difference with the Meleos.


I'm listening to Jazz with 12 watts at triodes, wonderful! Sax, trumpet, drums and bass, It seems to be able to touch them, thank you Silvano for creating these wonderful signal cables!


..I imagined that tonight with the signal cable I would have had the same impression and instead it was .. striking, but not by jumping on the chair as with the power supply, it's a sensation like when you taste a good wine that leaves you with that lingering flavor, the clear perception of a great coherence and a fruition of harmonics not previously accessible. Congratulations!


I just connected the power cable of the power amplifier only. The first feeling - confirmed by subsequent plays - is to be able to perceive even more accurately all the characteristics of the original sound event, especially regarding microdetail and 3D reconstruction. Ho potuto infatti constatare - With appropriate recordings - I could see an exceptional reconstruction of the soundstage, in the case of small groups or solo voices, it resonates with a disarming realism that magically materializes voices and instruments in the room releasing them completely from the speakers. A fantastic result!! But what surprises me and fascinates me about these cables is the balance and coherence that I am able to convey to the full system. E questo in misura tale da materializing the sound event in the room, allowing the reading in the smallest details. The sound parameters are in perfect balance: excellent dynamics, without ever being aggressive; emarkable microdetail and very fine sound texture, without ever being radiographing and never tiring in long listening... In extreme synthesis, sound realism and extreme pleasantness of listening, in a mix for me at levels never heard before. In conclusion, I can only express my admiration for the incredible performance of Cableless cables.