sigma audio concepts

At the origin of the Sound

Our history has a common past to many audiophiles, born from the desire to get closer to the primary event. ( Silvano Grando - founder )

From the pleasure of "feeling" the music arises the need for a better listening, two emotions inextricably linked. In this alternation of equipment, records, listening, there is an event that upsets every way we understand and perceive music reproduction: the meeting with the engineer Lorenzo Russo - Moss. From this meeting start discussions, explanations, comparisons and illuminations as we can see from the article appeared on “Fedeltà del Suono” (“Loyalty of the Sound”) signed by the aforementioned L.R. entitled “Sua Maestà il Suono” ("His Majesty the Sound"). Hence it was but a short step and so the need to compose a system of musical reproduction dictated by the concepts Time Space Event and Theoretical Limit impels. Thus, the research of materials and techniques to apply these concepts to all the parts that make up our system of musical reproduction began: circuits, structures (containers and supports) and components. Supported by a team of experts in various sectors, the Labor Limae loudspeakers come to life, presented at the Milan Hi-End 2001 edition, followed by the Cableless cables presented at Top Audio in the Norma room and the Rise electronics composed of preamplifiers, amplifiers, CD player and Converter.